Welcome Fall

Welcome Fall

Fall is officially here! Fall is the best time of the year in my opinion. However, is it the best time if the year to buy or sell your home? Statistics show that the real estate market tends to slow down this time of the year. Why and what should we do about this? I will discuss this issue below

I find that if you are selling your home that you may see the effects of the fall slow down. Why is this true? For starters school is back in session and the upcoming holidays tend to keep people preoccupied. What can we do to fight this slow down? Keep your home show ready and your curb appeal in top notch shape.

Make sure that you give your home that fall decor touch. Some people may prefer to home shop during the fall because of the cooler weather and the homey feeling that this season provides. You must capture this feeling with fall smells via incense and fall decor.

For buyers it is a great time to buy because, well, the market has slowed down. Less demand equals lower prices and a tendency for individuals to panic sell.
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-Aaron Reed
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