A.G. Reed Realty Selling Your Home


Selling Your Home in the Carolina’s – Whether you’re selling your first home or your last, it is important to hire a real estate professional that has an extensive knowledge in marketing, economic data, and real estate legalities, and negotiation experience.

At A.G. Reed Realty we know these things are important to you and your return on investment.  The following checklist is the process that our brokers will provide you in selling your home.

Create a Plan

It is a good idea to devise a plan for selling your home. The idea is to set goals on how to achieve the price that is right for your based on your current loan conditions and how soon you need your home to sell.

Do Necessary Repairs

Walk the home with one of our brokers as a prospective buyer would with their agent. Identify any repairs that would hinder a prospect from buying your home. Things to pay close attention to are the following:

  • Flooring- carpet cleaning and polishing wood flooring goes a long way
  • Plumbing fixtures- fix leaking faucets
  • Lighting fixtures- replace out dated light fixtures
  • Heating and ventilation systems- service all units and change filters
  • Doors and windows – make sure all doors and windows function properly
  • Interior paint- a nice neutral color helps buyers imagine how they would decorate
  • Exterior paint – make sure exterior paint is properly touched up
  • Outdoor drainage systems – look for blocked drainage that may raise eyebrows on a rainy day
  • Roof – inspect for any indication that your roof needs repairs or replacement

Determine Your Price

Let us help you set a realistic price. You want your home to sell in a timely fashion, and not make buyers speculate on why it is just sitting on the market. Through hiring us we will help you with the following

  • Check sales prices of comparable homes.
  • Consider getting a home appraisal.
  • Know whether it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market.
  • Settle on a price based on research and Absorption rate.

Market Your Home

  • Advertise with “for sale” signs, print listings, and/or online listings.
  • Obtain necessary purchase contract forms.
  • Decide your contingencies and other terms of contract.
  • Show the house through open houses and walk-through.
  • Negotiate an offer. (You may want your attorney and Realtor review the offer before you sign the contract.)
  • Sign purchase contract with buyer.

Close the Sale

We will assist you in the following procedures:

  • Choose an escrow company or lawyer, as appropriate, to administer the closing.
  • Deliver the legally required disclosure documents to the buyer.
  • Meet required inspections.
  • Receive loan commitment letter from buyer.
  • Obtain title report (through escrow company or closing agent).
  • Meet all other contingencies and legal obligations.
  • Sign escrow instructions.
  • Arrange to pay off the existing mortgage(s).
  • Pay all closing fees.


Whether you are selling your first home or your last, it is important to hire a REALTOR© that has extensive knowledge of local market and economic trends, marketing expertise, and negotiation experience.