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About A.G. Reed Realty

A.G Reed Realty is a full service brokerage firm assisting home buyers and sellers in the greater Charlotte, NC area. As a company we feel like you deserve more than the average agency. Of the many company traits, we feel the following are of up-most importance.

Timely Responsiveness – Never miss out on the deal of a lifetime again! We respond to your needs because we know how important it is when your dream home is just within reach.

Local Professional Team – Local experts that understand your market with data to back it up. We give you Instant access to data which enables you to make to make the right decisions, saving you time and money.

Availability – Nothing is more frustrating than an agent whom is too busy for you. We make it a necessity for our agents to not be available to you at all hours of the day.

As a company we provide a wide variety of real estate services to residents of both North and South Carolina. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, have general real estate questions, or just getting started please do not hesitate to contact us today! For more about our company click Here

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Here are a few examples of the Quality Photography that A.G. Reed Realty includes in all of our listings. If you are interested in Selling your Charlotte, NC area home. Call us today for a free Market Report and Evaluation!

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Welcome Fall

Fall is officially here! Fall is the best time of the year in my opinion. However, is it the best time if the year to buy or sell your home? Statistics show that the real estate market tends to slow down this time of the year. Why and what should we do about this? I will discuss this issue below

I find that if you are selling your home that you may see the effects of the fall slow down. Why is this true? For starters school is back in session and the upcoming holidays tend to keep people preoccupied. What can we do to fight this slow down? Keep your home show ready and your curb appeal in top notch shape.

Make sure that you give your home that fall decor touch. Some people may prefer to home shop during the fall because of the cooler weather and the homey feeling that this season provides. You must capture this feeling with fall smells via incense and fall decor.

For buyers it is a great time to buy because, well, the market has slowed down. Less demand equals lower prices and a tendency for individuals to panic sell.
Thanks for reading,

-Aaron Reed
To visit Charlotte NC Area homes visit www.AGReedRealty.com

If you are a buyer in this market and are looking to get a great deal on a home it is near impossible to avoid coming into contact with a short sale property that you like. Most of my clients end up either looking at or making an offer on a short sale but the expectations I set are always clear but not easily understood. The short sale process is time consuming, confusing, and downright frustrating if the proper expectations are not set. The way that the short sale process works is first you have to start with a distressed homeowner who needs to get out of his or her home mortgage payments. Typically the homeowner will be several months behind on making mortgage payments and is looking for a way to avoid foreclosure. A listing agent will present this seller with the option to offer their home as a POTENTIAL short sale. Once this process starts the following takes place: 1. Valuation of the property 2. Listing of the property 3. Offer Acceptance (BY SELLER ONLY) 4. Offer is presented to the bank(s) (several liens in most cases) 5. Once the bank accepts, declines, or presents a counter offer to the original offer the buyer will then have the option of continuing with the purchase or to walk away (this step usually takes at least 3 months for various reasons) Step 5 is typically where the deal goes wrong for most buyers. The reason for this is that most people do not realize that the home is not fully under contract until the bank steps in and accepts the short sale. Remember they are the ones that have allowed for the property to be released from the sellers hands while not taking payment for the difference on how much is owed and what the property sold for. For further insight into short sales or any other real estate topics please contact Aaron Reed A.G. Reed Realty 704-281-0682 www.AGReedRealty.com

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